About Maydan Capital


Maydan optimises how capital is mobilised for companies by consolidating the fundraising process on a secure, cost-efficient and user-friendly platform.

Quality Deals

Investment opportunities go through our due diligence process involving industry and sector experts before they are placed on the Maydan platform.


Technology-driven with an automated capital raise process, Maydan offers investors an exclusive and innovative investment platform that provides access, flexibility and transparency.

Our Team

Safdar Alam


Well known in the global industry, Safdar is an investment banker and has been specialising in Islamic Finance for almost two decades. He has established and led the Islamic Banking teams/businesses at some of the largest banks in the world (UBS, Credit Agricole, JP Morgan).


Nadia Razak

Product Manager

Having been in the regulated equity crowdfunding space since its introduction to Southeast Asia in 2017,  Nadia has managed and supported over a dozen fundraising exercises. Nadia has joined Maydan to deliver a platform that meets the financing requirements of companies and investors. 

Ali Ahmed


Prior to joining Maydan, Ali specialised in Wealth Management audit for JP Morgan and EY in London. Ali also runs a social enterprise with the aim to help students from low socio-economic backgrounds transition in to professional careers. Ali holds a qualification in Investment Management and is RDR qualified.

Ateeb Zaidi


Being on the forefront of the change in Pakistan’s technology sector, Ateeb has worked for the first and the largest Islamic Bank in Pakistan. Managing a portfolio of Fintechs, Edtechs, Wealthtechs and Healthtechs, he has extensive experience in analysing and consulting tech firms.

Our Advisory Panel

 We bolster our team through our advisor network with people on the ground in countries across Europe, Middle East, Africa, APAC and North America, with expertise across various industry sectors. 

Junaid Wahedna

Prior to CEO of Wahed Inc, Junaid had a successful Wall Street career and is now on a mission of helping everyday people through technology and an ethically grounded model of investment.

Faiz Mayalakkara

Faiz is Director of Investments at Emirates Investment Authority, the SWF for United Arab Emirates. Faiz is also responsible for Turnaround & Digital Transformation of a number of complex strategic holdings of the government of UAE and is a Chartered Accountant.

Umer Suleman

An award-winning Islamic Finance and Risk professional who currently sits as an adviser on various Islamic Finance and Fintech organisations, Umer also serves as the Finance Editor for a UK Islamic news portal.

Aidil Salleh

Over 25 years experience serving the financial services and broader industry sector, Aidil Salleh is now the MD and Founder of Jana Kapital – a fintech startup & pioneer in online Islamic crowdfunding platform in Brunei. 

Dr. Ridwaan Jhetam

Over his career of 25 years in clinical oncology and pharmaceuticals, Dr. Jetham has served as Advisor and member of various Senior Leadership Teams and Governance Committees in Medical organisations & within Pharma, including GSK, MSD and J&J.

Our Ethical Approach to Equity Finance

Equitable treatment of both parties

An investor’s capital should be treated as a priority, but not above all else. An investor shall not make guaranteed profits when the business does not.

No unfair liquidation preference

Investors and business are expected to share the impacts of ups and downs in business. An investor and entrepreneur should receive returns proportionately in the event of liquidation.

Efficient and Transparent Use of Funds

The founders should utilise the raised investment funds as proposed in the offer terms, focussing solely on growing the company's value and providing full transparency of its business operations and financials during the course of the investment period.

Our Partners

Maydan partners with leading industry businesses to provide the best solutions and services to our Issuers and Investors

Wa’ed, Aramco’s entrepreneurship arm, was established in 2011 to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia. By combining deep sector knowledge and a collaborative dynamic team, Wa’ed harnesses potential business ideas and cultivates an atmosphere that empowers a new generation of entrepreneurs in the Kingdom.

COTU Ventures is a seed-stage venture firm in the Middle East. It partners with founders at the beginnings of their journeys, taking companies from Pre-seed through to Series A and beyond, accelerating their path to product-market fit, and ensuring that they get access to the right capital and expertise along the way.

Mount Judi Ventures is a venture capital firm that is based in Bengaluru, India. The firm brings together investors, individual and institutional, along with ambitious and promising entrepreneurs / promoters of ethical businesses to participate in the growth story of new India.

Salonica is an independent investment bank headquartered in London. They provide corporate finance and investment advisory services to a broad cohort of individuals, family offices, corporates, and financial institutions.

Rasameel Structured Finance Company is an Islamic investment company supervised under the Central Bank of Kuwait with a paid up capital of Kuwaiti Dinars 30 million . Rasameel is specialized in Islamic Securitization, raising, structuring and distribution of Islamic debt through financial engineering, as well as, the spinning off companies as a result of asset restructuring.

People Equity Fund is a talent investor platform for the emerging markets of Morocco, Algeria, Pakistan & Bangladesh.

Risk Statement

Investing on involves risk, including the loss of all of your capital, illiquidity (the inability to sell assets quickly or without substantial loss in value), and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio.

The investment opportunities on are not an offer to the public in any jurisdiction and are available only to registered members of the platform who have certified that they are eligible to invest. Any person who is not resident in the United Kingdom who wishes to view these investment opportunities must first satisfy themselves that they are eligible to do so under the securities laws and regulations applicable to them. This site does not constitute an offer of, or the solicitation of an offer to buy or subscribe for, any securities to any person in any jurisdiction to whom or in which such offer or solicitation would be unlawful.

Maydan Capital Ltd. is registered in England and Wales (Company No. 13451691), registered office: 5th floor East Lansdowne House 57, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, W1J 6ER, UK. Maydan Capital Ltd (FRN: 963613) is an appointed representative of Wahed Invest Ltd (FRN: 833225), an authorised and regulated firm by the Financial Conduct Authority.